Thursday, September 12, 2013

A snail mail letter! (One of my favorites so far!)


This week is transfer week.  P-day got moved to Wednesday because that is the day people are transferred.  My companion and I are both staying so we got to go to the temple this morning, but we were there for a long time so I don't have a lot of time to write this letter.

We had  a fireside on Sunday for missionaries.  We brought investigators and recent converts and some of them bore their testimonies.  We have a couple we are teaching right now.  They are both progressing fairly well, but they are living together although they are not in a relationship.  They can't get baptized until they live apart, which they are working on.  Anyways.. The guy said he wanted to come to the fireside, but the girl wasn't interested.  She changed her mind right before we left but there wasn't any room in the car anyway, so we left her.

Then we saw them on Monday and the first thing she said when we walked in the door was that she prayed and she read the Book of Mormon and she got an answer.  I guess she read while we were gone and she felt the spirit really strongly.  She had been having a hard time accepting it at first, although the guy sort of took what we said as the truth straight off.  It was really great to see her testimony grow.  Then she was willing to pray and read, which she hadn't ever done before.  It was really good.

We did service for an old lady yesterday.  She is 88 and has been in the hospital for 2 years.  She just got out a few weeks ago.  She's been robbed several times probably because her garden is so overgrown, it looks like no one lives there.  We came and basically cut up her hedges for a couple of hours so it looked clean.  Then she made us some bacon sandwiches.  She almost burned her house down because she turned on the wrong burner and lit her kettle (electric kettle) on fire instead of cooking the bacon.  She apologized to us, like she had somehow inconvenienced us.  It was kinda funny, and it felt really good to help her.  She was really grateful.

Elder Ferguson

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