Monday, March 17, 2014

The Glass is still half full!


This week was nice. We don't really have any investigators except for a few that are really hard to get in contact with at the moment, so we mostly go see less-actives now. And tract. On Saturday night, we got a phone call of a ride for our less-active cancelling. It was an honest mistake, but he did. So we called our friend in the morning to tell him the bad news, and he said that was fine, he would just come on his own on the train. Which two weeks ago, he wouldn't have been able to do. No way. I don't know if it was from the spirit when he came two weeks ago, or if if was because he also changed medications or both, but wow, he is doing so well. He must have been a Gentile. It's great! 

Yesterday we went tracting for three hours. It wasn't that bad, and it felt super effective even if we didn't get too many solid people to come back to. On the way home though, we met this girl and we started talking to her and we asked her if she was religious. She smiled really big and said that she was. No one ever smiles. She actually likes religion, and she's not already a Mormon. XD So we talked to her about the Book of Mormon, and we taught the Restoration, and she told us about a series of books that she had read. It was some sort of C.S. Lewis type thing about the second coming. And she told us how she doesn't want to join Satan and have the mark put on her hand or her arm or her forehead. It was great, so that was nice. When we gave her a Book of Mormon, she said thank you and she was really excited to read it. We will call her tomorrow and hopefully set up a return appointment.

That's pretty exciting that Nate got his mission call. By the way, I forgot to mention about Hunter's call last week. Woops. That is also exciting. I didn't know they had a Scotland-Ireland mission. That's pretty weird. Tell him not to buy any clothing before he leaves. It's much better and much cheaper here. 

Nobody celebrates St. Patrick's day but the Pubs. And I don't really go there. Actually, it might not have happened yet. I don't know. I know that mothers day is earlier here. (but I will call you on American Mothers Day still)

This is some food we made when we ran out of curry jars. We just put in a tin of chopped tomatoes and some curry spice stuff, and then we decided that it was too thin, so we also put in a tin of re-fried beans as well. It was pretty good. 

The other picture is 'Come, Come, Ye Saints' but the different way that I've been playing it for a while. I found out that the left hand is actually pretty much a copy of the over-world theme from Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. XD If any man can find the interpretation thereof (read it well enough to play it), so be it. XD Actually, you could probably copy it into Finale and play it back that way if you can't play the piano and you are really bored. 

Elder Ferguson

I think he either forgot to send the pictures he was talking about or they just didn't send, maybe a computer error, so either way, no pictures to show yet.  I'll update it with the pictures when he sends them.  Check back later.  Amy

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