Monday, March 24, 2014

Well, this week was good. We tracted for at least an hour almost every day, and it was super good. We found four new investigators this week. And they all seemed super prepared and super nice. One of the ones we found even was going to come to church with us yesterday, but he didn't. :/ But aside from that, everything went really well this week. If any on you are planning on sending me letters, send them to the mission office because this week is transfer calls, although I will probably be staying. I kinda get the impression that most people in this mission stay in most of their areas three or four transfers. But you never know. This week I will be going on exchange twice in a row. Once with Elder M and once with Elder S. So that will be fun. I'm pretty excited, especially because I get to stay here both times, which means I get to pretty much just keep doing what I'm doing but with a different companion. So yup. Bye!

Elder Ferguson

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