Monday, March 3, 2014

Trains / Recognizing the Blessings of Keeping the Commandments

I got this picture off of facebook, from his mission's facebook page.  I think it was from a zone meeting. - Amy
This week was interesting. I think I already told you about how I went to the temple last week, but I don't remember if I told you I got lost on the way home. We took a train from Chorley to Leyland, and then we got off to take another train to go to Liverpool. Then we had to wait for it to come for forty minutes and a train came at the time our train was supposed to come and it took us back to Chorley. Haha. So we got off and asked the ticket person what was the fastest way to get to Liverpool and he said that the best way is to get a train to Manchester and then go to Liverpool. Look at a map of England and tell me that makes sense. That was great. And funny enough, we still got back in time. haha. That was fun. (Elder Ferguson area is Crosby)

Anyways, this week, we did a lot of good things, but I don't remember very much of them. Actually, somehow I kinda thought that this week was last week, so I'm a little confused as to what happened when. Oh well. This week we finally got in contact with an Investigator that we haven't seen in a long time because he doesn't have a phone that works. We got to his house and we started teaching him about follow the prophet and stuff and then he asked what are some of the things that the prophets tell us to do, and I just randomly told him about the Word of Wisdom even though we knew that he smokes. As it turns out, he smokes about forty a day and he likes it. But it was really good. I think I realized that just telling someone to live commandments they're already living and patting them on the back until you have to tell them about the one's they will have trouble with doesn't work. We need to give them things that they can actually change so that they can experience the power of the atonement and recognize the blessings of keeping the commandments. So I'm going to be pretty bold with people. And I won't do it and try to love them at the same time, I am going to do it because I love them and I know that that is what will help them to be happy. So yeah. 

On Saturday I went to another baptism in Middleton again. It was great. I went on exchange with the missionary who replaced me in Middleton because he's in the area next to mine now. That was pretty nice. The baptism was great, it was really exciting. I think the only sad part about it was that it ended pretty late and I only stayed a few minutes after. And then when we got to the train station we realized that the next train that left left in forty minutes. So we ended up getting back right as we were supposed to be getting in bed. So that wasn't so nice. Oh well. It was worth it. :)

Yesterday we had a tea appointment with a member and they had a dog that was from South Africa and it was trained to hunt lions. It was massive. It wasn't even grown up but they're supposed to be between 14 and 16 stones when they grow up. I don't know how many pounds that is anymore, but that's a lot. That was really fun. :) 

Stones = 14 lbs according to wikipedia if I understand it right.

I asked him about if his umbrella was working out ok, his coat & what the weather was like etc... (Amy)

I don't know where my umbrella is, so I guess it's working fine.
It's not raining like crazy right now. It's actually been pretty sunny the last week.
I don't know if my coat is keeping me warm, I have no sense of temperature, but I haven't caught hypothermia yet, so probably.
I don't need anything.


Elder Ferguson

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