Monday, September 22, 2014

Learning / Exchanges / Finding

This week was nice. We were busy a lot because we went to Manchester for an ALL ELDERS TRAINING and then we came back really late and we had an exchange. And then we had weekly planning, and then we went to Manchester again to go finding for some other missionaries because university is starting in Manchester this week and there's tons of people to talk to. 

So at the all elders training, we had a hour and a half talk by our mission president about the Three Pillars of Eternity. It was nice. It's funny, because President keeps just trying to blow our minds with "deep doctrine" at our meetings to make us excited about the gospel, and he is getting me excited, but he's actually not saying a lot of things that I don't know any more. He already got me excited about three months ago, and now I've done a lot of study and most of the things he can tell us are things I've already read. It's kinda fun. But it was good anyway, and then after lunch he did a question and answer thingy and kinda the same thing happened. Lots of people were asking questions, but I knew the answers to their questions, and I couldn't remember any of the questions I had for him because I didn't bring my list. Oh well. 

So for our exchange, I went on exchange with a missionary that actually served here a few months ago, so he actually knew the area and the members much better than I did. We went to a member's house, and he taught the lesson and made them cry, then we went to an indexing night, and everyone wanted to talk to him. It was pretty funny, but we also ended up spending pretty much the whole exchange visiting members. Oh well. 

Then we went to Manchester. I'm trying to make this letter short, but we did a lot this week, so we were standing on the street just talking to whoever walked past, and a lady walked up to me. I was the fourth missionary that she saw walking along the street, but I guess it took that long for her to finally decide that she should talk to us or something. She came up to me and told me that her brother joined our church a little while ago and he turned his life around. She actually described some of the fruits of the spirit that she was seeing in him. It was pretty cool. Then I taught her the Restoration and she thought it was great. She gave us her number and we're going to pass it on to the missionaries in Leeds.  It was great.

I also met a Muslim man, he asked lots of questions about the things in Christianity that seemed wrong or contradictory, and then I told him how we didn't believe in any of them. Haha, he loved it. I told him about where the Book of Mormon came from and it just made sense. It was like he'd been looking for the gospel his whole life. Then I explained how our Faith works and why it's essential to be a member of our church to have faith enough to be saved and he thought it was amazing. I probably won't find out because he lives in Manchester, but he will probably be baptized.

Have a nice week, Bye!

Elder Ferguson

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