Monday, September 1, 2014

Faith - the first principle of the gospel

Hello everyone! This week was nice, we mostly just tracted. 

This morning, Elder H randomly called us and started talking to us. He's going home in a couple of weeks, so I guess he decided that he needed to give us some last words of wisdom since he trained Elder V and I was his next companion. He talked about how we need to have faith and expect our lessons to work out. Then we will have better first lessons and people will be more likely to not flake when we come back. That's good because he was right. We haven't even been saying prayers with people at the end of our first lessons, which is a pretty important part of it. I think prayers are an important part of helping people to feel the spirit, like, a really important part. 

Faith is an amazing thing, and there is a reason that it is the first principle of the Gospel. Faith has to come first before everything else, and faith is not just belief or hope, it is a principle of action and power. And I could go on, but I won't because that would be boring and I can't say it as good as Joseph Smith does anyways. 

Yesterday, we were at a less-active member's house and they were talking about how unfortunate that there were so many people in the church, themselves included, that couldn't make it to church because of health problems. She told us that we should start targeting healthier people. Then I pretended like a cripple answered the door and told them that I changed my mind and I didn't want to talk to them and stuff. And she cracked up. Haha. I am so good at making people laugh. It makes me laugh. Maybe I was a stand up comedian in the pre-existence. Well, have a nice week.


Elder Ferguson

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