Monday, November 24, 2014

Exchanges,New Street, A Singer & Hanging around!

Well, I don't know what to do now. I made it to 68 minutes before I started this email, and now I don't really want to write about anything. 

This week, we went on exchanges and I went with a missionary from Essex! He was fun, he just got out and next week he's going to the MTC in Provo and then he's going to his mission in Guam. He came here because he's still waiting for his visa. He is kinda crazy, but he just talks to everybody all the time and it's funny. It might be because he's English or something, but everybody was just super happy to talk to him. I'm going to send a bunch of pictures he took next week, cause his camera takes ten at a time on the timer and stuff. You'll see what I mean next week. 

Yesterday we found some super good investigators. I was amazed, cause we had prayed and picked a street a long time ago, and we couldn't find it, but then we found it on the map later, but we never bothered to go back for it until last night. There was a Methodist lady and she told us that she had stopped going to church when she was nineteen, which was quite a while ago. But she just couldn't shake the feeling that God must be there and we told her the story of the Book of Mormon and she thought it was crazy and she said she wanted to read it and find out if it was true. 

We also got a referral from Newtown. In a little town called Dolanog. We talked to the man over the phone and he's really nice. He's in a bunch of choirs and he lives in Wales and he hasn't heard of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Mwahahaha. He doesn't even know how prepared he is yet. We're not seeing him this week because he's singing at a Rugby match between Wales and South Africa in Cardiff, but we'll see him next week and it's going to be epic!

Also, I'm cutting my hair today. ='(


Elder Ferguson

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