Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas celebrations, relaxation, & back to missionary work - The story of Abinadi

Well, I don't really want to email this week. Sitting around doing nothing really takes it out of you and I really just want to go home and go to bed. On Tuesday we had a Christmas training in Manchester. That was fun. I played the piano for a bunch of different stuff, so that was nice. I can't really remember what I said I was going to play last week, but everything changed last minute, so I ended up playing 'O Holy Night' and 'Still, Still, Still' and some other stuff. It was fun. President taught us all about what really happened when Jesus was born, and he pointed out all of the symbolism. That was pretty fun, but there wasn't a whole lot that really needs repeating at the moment. Just imagine everything you imagine when people talk about the nativity and then get rid of it and make up something completely different, and then you know what I know now. Yup.
Anyways, on Christmas, we went to the same family's house three times in two days. We went Christmas Eve because they had some food left over to feed us after their family left, then on Christmas we went to their house and opened the presents the ward members gave us, and we came back in the evening to have dinner, Skype, and watch Frozen. In this mission, we are allowed to watch cartoons and some other 'family friendly' movies on Christmas and New Year. So this week I saw Frozen, the Best Two Years, How to Train Your Dragon (Thanks for nothing you useless reptile…), and The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, so that was fun. 

Then we finally got to start working again right at the end of boxing day (click on link to find out about boxing day:  Boxing Day) and the next morning, we went over to the other Elder's flat and I went on exchanges sitting in the flat with a sick missionary while Elder H went with his companion to the temple. And I took a nap. Yay. Then I woke up and talked to the other missionary for about five hours (literally) about video games, because he's a gamer, and he knows all the good ones for me to look up when I get home, and then I left, and we did some tracting.
In other news, yesterday we got to see our investigator again, and she is doing good. She said she was going to go to church, but she had to stay home and give her sick dog some medicine, but she's coming next week, and she's been reading the Book of Mormon. She gets it really well, she told us the story of Abinadi, and she remembered it perfectly. She says it's so true, and she was telling us about how there are wicked people and righteous people (she actually used the words wicked and righteous) and she said she wanted to be a righteous person. So I'm pretty happy about that.
I have a cold, so that's why my email sounds really boring this week, because I feel boring right now. 

What is a bear's favorite drink? ……………………………..Koka-Koala! Bye!


Elder Ferguson

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